“RC Toy” Gifts for your Kids Birthday:

“RC Toy” Gifts for your Kids Birthday:

Best “RC Toy” Gifts for your Kids Birthday:

Make your kid’s birthday a special day by giving him the gift that he/she will most like. Kids in the age 6 to 10 love to play games and also love the cartoon characters. Giving your kid something that is related to these movies or games or cartoon characters is a great idea. But the kids also love cars and remote-controlled toys such as remote control cars and airplanes and other toys that are controlled by the remote.


Choosing the perfect gift RC toy for your kid can be a difficult task due to a large number of available remote control toys. To help you in this matter, I have brought you a list of best toys that you can gift your kids so that they can enjoy themselves with them.


Best  RC toys for a Birthday gift:


  1. Laser Remote Control Car that climbs the wall:

This is the best RC toy Car and the best gift for the birthday.

  • This car is a laser-controlled toy car.
  • It can climb the wall and walk on the ceiling upside down.
  • It is very unique and is made with the use of futuristic technology.
  • The car is not only beautiful but also very fun to play with.
  • Also, this is rechargeable through the USB.


  1. Rc Smart Drone 4K with HD Camera WIFI 1080P:

If your kid loves drones and planes then this is the best gift for his birthday.

  • It is an RC smart drone that has a 4k camera wifi and 1080p resolution.
  • This can fly with the help of the remote control.
  • Its remote control distance is more than 100 meters.
  • It is also rechargeable.
  • It is a foldable drone so it is also easy to carry.


  1. Remote Control Stunt Car Gesture Induction:

This is a remote control car that comes with a hand gesture control as well. It is very fun to play with.

  • this car can perform the stunts.
  • it is controlled through a remote.
  • Gesture induction tool that your kids can wear of the hand to control the motion.


  1. Lake Sailing RC Boat:

Kids love to play with boats and that is the reason I am including this Lake Sailing RC boat among the top 5 RC toys for the birthday gifts.

  • It can sail in pools and lakes.
  • It is made with durable material and not easy to break.
  • It is controlled by a remote.
  • It has a USB charge system.


  1. Electronic Dog - Programmable intelligent Dog:

If you want to gift your kids something special, then buy him this amazingly intelligent robot dog. This dog can be your kid’s first pet also.

  • It can sing, dance, and tell stories.
  • It is programmable and intelligent.
  • It can perform different stunts that normally dogs perform.
  • It has a wireless remote-control system.
  • Its eyes have LED’s that change colors.
  • It is made with eco-friendly materials.
  • It is rechargeable.

RC Snake And Egg

Fun trick toy. very convenient to play.
Segmented body for excellent slithering action. Forward, left and right turn, stop, retractable tongue, swinging tail.
Light weight design for portable carry to anywhere to play.


These were some rc gifts that you can buy and gift your kids on his birthday. There are also a lot of other options available here migikids.com  

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