Toys for Older kids:

Toys for Older kids:


Kids of older age like to play with the toys that are bigger and more complicated because they want to master everything. Most of the kids in older age want toys that are more fun , sometimes dangrous and are also can be  bigger in size and shape. They want toys that are very hard to learn to use and play with. They also sometimes want they toys that look challenging to them. They no longer want the small and simple toys. to help you find the best toys for your older kid I am suggesting you check out these five exotic toys that will make kids use their skills and for that reason are more enjoyable

Below I have listed a few toys examples for older kids .

Electric Water Bullet Gun-Water Gun Transformation Robot Arm:

This special toy gun can fire the water bullets and takes the enjoying experience to another level. It is not only just a toy gun, but it is a transformation toy gun with water bullets, and it is based in Artificial reality. Not only this but you can buy all two related objects such as masks and guns plus you can buy both.

key features:

  • AR 3d game crystal water bullet ball shooting gun toy emitter-Range: 20-25 Meters
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Transformation arm, Softball gun with AR. You can download the APP.
  • The APP function: Six different filter modes, can record video, take photos.
  • The face mask that comes with similar colors to the gun for protection.


RC Smart Drone 4K with HD Camera WIFI 1080P:

This remote-control drone has a 4k camera and Wi-Fi to stream 1080p video and image quality. This is an actual remote-control drone for older kids who want to play with flying toys.

Key features:

  • It has a 4k camera
  • Remote control range of 100 meters.
  • Drone can go almost 100 meters high.
  • It has Wi-Fi and streams at 1080p.
  • It has a battery that is rechargeable.
  • It is a smart drone with a wide range of remote control.

flying spinner- rotator drone:

This is a great toy which is getting better as long as you practice using it . This toy is a flying spinner officially from flynova. It comes with many great features that kids of an older age would love to try.

Key features:

  • It is a gyro-based rotator drone.
  • It can do aerobatics and many stunts.
  • You can fly it anywhere. It has a rechargeable battery

Mini Automatic Electric Home DIY Cotton Candy Maker:

This mini electronic automatic candy machine really converts the sugar into cotton candy. It is a super fun machine toy for older kids. Your kids can enjoy as much candy as they want. It is great to teach your kids DIY candy making.

Key features:

  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It is a real machine that converts the sugar into candy.
  • It is an electronic machine and can be used when plugged in.
  • It is safe but for only older kids. –younger kids can enjoy the candy .


RC Car Driving Sports Transformation Robots:

This is a remote-control car that and transformation robot. This is especially for older kids who are the fans of “The Transformers”. It is an amazing toy car that can perform the transformation from a car into a robot.

Key feature:

  • It can move in all directions.
  • It can transform itself into a robot.
  • Remote control distance of 20 meters.
  • It has a battery and can be recharged through the USB.

Soft Diabolo Set- Juggling Toy-Bearing With Rope-yoyo:

This soft diablo set is a juggling toy with rope yoyo. This is a great choice if your kid loves playing with a yoyo and will love to learn cool juggling

Key feature:

  • These are in the shape of the drum.
  • They have a completely transparent surface.
  • They glow in the low light or even the night times.

All these toys are special because they are very fun to play and very convenient to carry anywhere. You can buy all these toys from the website.




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