why is it important to play with your kids?

why is it important to play with your kids?


The kids need attention, all they want most of the time is you. They want you to interact with them, eat with them laugh and play with them. It is very important for you to play with your kids. Playing helps the kids better learn from a younger age. If you are playing with your kid that means you directly teaching your kid to play. So, your kid will be able to do better while playing. Playing with your kids also boosts their confidence. It is a great way to interact with your children also.


Below I have listed a few benefits of playing with your kids that will explain why it is important for parents to play with their kids.


  • Creativity and imagination of your kid improve:

Playing makes your kid imaginative and creative and it also boosts these two elements with the curiosity that children pick from playing. Your presence with your kid, while he is playing, boosts his curiosity and improves creativity and imagination.

  • Playing also means learning for young kids:

When you are playing with your young kid that also means that you are also teaching your kid how to play. Some toys are difficult for kids to master but when you are with your child and you are teaching him, he will learn and play better.

  • Helps in children’s mental and physical health:

You are playing with your child boosts his mental and physical health. Your kids need your attention and when you are playing with them that means you are giving them full attention. This attention helps their mental development. It also builds an attachment between you and your children. You can play with different toys that your kid likes so that your kids become your best friend when playing. Your love, affection, and attention will boost your kid’s mental health and gives them more joy.

  • Your company will give your kid confidence:

Your company or presence with your kid, while he is playing, will also boost the level of confidence of your kid. When you are playing with your kid you will see that he is very happy and is playing with more confidence and joy.

  • Your presence will help your kid better interact and better play:

Your presence when your child is playing or your participation in playing with him makes a bridge between you and your kid. With the help of this bridge, you can better interact with your kid.


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