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Realistic Baby Doll

Realistic Baby Doll

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 Realistic Baby Doll 

  Handmade Lifelike Cute Reborn 19 Inch Soft doll

Your kid will have fun taking care of a baby like doll.

-100% handmade. Craftwork with hand printing.

-Doll's limbs can be movable and can sit and lie down, but can't stand up and speak.

-High quality soft silicone vinyl with stuffed cotton body.

-Rooted mohair can be combed and fixed, washable.

-High-grade acrylic eyes, eyes can't move.

-Completely hand-drawn translucent nails make the fingers look more nice and vivid.

-Suitable for young mothers to practice replacing diapers for their baby.


 31*8*9 CM

Material: Silicone Vinyl Body + Mohair + Acrylic Eyes


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