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Mini RC Flying Helicopter Ball+ LED Lighting

Mini RC Flying Helicopter Ball+ LED Lighting

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Mini drone RC Helicopter.

It is like a toy helicopter but instead of the usual helicopter cabin and body it features a clear ball.

It is motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and is programmed moves away from them.
The idea is that you launch it and then hold your hand underneath it to keep it in the air. It continuously detects your hand and moves away from it.
You or your kids, families will enjoy this amusing and fantastic process.
It is also very therapeutic if you are stressed out after a hard day; especially at night when the lights show up brightly.

When you turn it on the lights flash brightly.
It has great visual appeal for any child. It looks fantastic at night in a darkened room.
Weight: 102g Charging time: 20mins
Size: 12*14.5cm

Flying time: 6-8mins

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