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Mini Electric Shock Kids Lie Detector

Mini Electric Shock Kids Lie Detector

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Mini Electric Shock Kids Lie Detector

Put your hand on lie detector in the hand slot  make contact with all sensors.

Strap your hand in place;

Press the reset button, then keeping your hand stationary,

press the "Analyzer" button. The unit will take a reading of you vital statistics for comparison when you are question.

The "Lie level LED's will activate sequentially and you will hear the product emit a "reading complete tone".

Your details have now loaded into the lie detectors computer. You are ready to be questioned;

Your questioned can now ask their own questions making sure to push the "Analyzer" button after each question.

The "Lie Detector" will measure your 'lie level' each time the "Analyzer" buttons pushed. When it has assimilated your reaction to the question the 'Lie level LED's' will light up (the evaluation time may vary).

There are 5 "lie level" LED's in total. 3 green and red. They will light up sequentially the more LED's that light up the more you are moving away from a truthful answer.

When you tell a direct lie or have given an unacceptable amount of half truths or deviations, all of the 'lie level' lights will light up and you will receive an electric shock! Serves you right for being a liar;


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