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Rhythm Sticks - Electronic Drum

Rhythm Sticks - Electronic Drum

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  • Drum, crash and snare sounds
  • Light up tip
  • Melody noise to beat along to
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (these batteries are for demo purposes only, you`ll need a decent set to really thrash away.)
  • Each stick 35cm long
  • Drumsticks that don`t need a drum! Each Rhythm Stick has a speaker in its base, and when you `hit` the air with them, they make a great drum sound. Switches on the sticks let you choose between a classical drum beat, an electronic drum beat and a cymbal crash, and the ends even light up with each beat - vital for night drumming.

    If you only get one set of these, then you`re going to have a lot of fighting on your hands from everyone else who`ll be desperate to have a go.

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