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Shut the box for family--4 Sided Flip Block Wooden Board math Game

Shut the box for family--4 Sided Flip Block Wooden Board math Game

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Let's teach math with fun!
 There is an easy way to improve your kids basic math skills!

Simply make it fun & enjoy a quality family time with this math game.
A must have classic home table family math game to make math fun for your child.

✔ provide hours of entertainment! 👌

 ✔ Easy & fun for all ages 👌

✔ Educational great learning tool 👌

✔ Teaching & improving basic math  👌

✔ Can be played with up to 4  players 👌

*The game is played with family, used in classrooms for teaching addition and probability, and is even a betting game played in pubs.
*It is a well known fact, that  learning through play is one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. educational toys & games are great learning tools.

*Play with your kids & sharpen their math skills-great game for kids to learn math and enjoy at same time.



 There are so many ways to play, children can develop many ways to play. So there is no need to limit the single gameplay.

Player can also define the rules themselves.

participants can define themselves if plus, minus, times, divides are applicable. And also define only 2 pieces or 3 pieces can be used.

   most popular easy way to play:

-The aim of each player in the game is to be the first to flip all the numbered tiles.

🔹The first player rolls the dice and then using the tiles has to flip the total rolled in any way they choose.
-For example, if player 1 rolled 3 and 4, they can either flip the tile numbered 7, or they can flip tiles 4 and 3, or tiles 2 and 5, as long as the total of the tiles flipped, equals the total rolled on the dice.

🔹The same player continues until they cannot flip any more tiles, then the turn moves on to player 2.

-The player with all tiles flipped first is the winner.

🔹 You can decide to challenge the players by using subtraction, multiplication or division. Using the example of 3 and 4, the players can also raise the number 8 and number 1 tiles to receive the total of 7 using a subtraction exercise.

Material: high quality wood.


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